There are many variations of the game of croquet.   The New York Croquet Club primarily plays competitive versions of croquet: American 6-Wicket (USCA), Golf Croquet and occasionally Association (International).

Competitive Croquet

American 6-Wicket
Association or International Rules
Golf Croquet
American Rules - First 6 Points
American Rules - Second 6 Points

Casual Croquet - Long Grass Rules

The NYCC doesn't normally play Long Grass Rules but there will be 9 Wicket (9W) Long Grass Rules play in special mini-tournaments.



Kroger on Proper (Single Ball) Shot Technique
Best Stop Shot Technique
Perfecting your Split Shot
Kroger on the 4 Ball Break
Egyptian Swings (a very powerful Irish Grip)
Wacky Shots
Fun Videos:
Croquet Jump Shots (Ben Rothman)
Croquet Jump Shots (from around the world)
Egyptian Techno Golf Croquet (a famous must see video)
NPECS: On the Road to the 2015 Collegiate Nationals
NYCC Videos:
Peter jumps a ball
Ralph Makes a Wicket (View 1)
Ralph Makes a Wicket (View 2)
What is a good score to strive for in second flight?
Ryan Thompson, Rich Curtis & John Osborn at the 2009 Clayton Cup
Ryan Thomspon, Rich Curtis, Oz & Kylie Jones at the 2009 Clayton Cup
Chris Kaas & Rich Curtis at the 2015 Osborn Cup
Tim Rapuano wins the Bronze Buffalo at the 2018 Buffalo Club Invitational
Tim Rapuano wins the Bronze Buffalo (again) at the 2021 Buffalo Club Invitational
Beginner Classes & Special Education:
Class 1: Deadness Rotation & Chase Theory
Special Education Series, Volume 1
Special Education Series, Volume 2