Who’s Who

NYCC Board of Directors
Executive Committee
  • President: Peter Timmins
  • First Vice President: Tim Rapuano
  • Second Vice President: Chris Patmore
  • Treasurer: David Isaacs
  • Secretary: Jeanne Branthover
At Large
  • Richard Curtis
  • Norris Settlemyre
  • Carla Rueck
  • Jim Collins
  • Patricia Spratt
  • Mark Ski

NYCC Committee Chairs
  • Education: Tim Rapuano (Chair), Mark Ski, Shane Hettler, Peter Timmins
  • Finance: David Isaccs (Chair), Templeton Peck
  • Grievance: Ralph Charles (Chair)
  • Handicap:  Tim Rapuano (Chair), George Blake
  • Horticulture: Louise Bozorth (Chair)
  • House: vacant (Chair), David Isaacs (Locker Czar)
  • Lawns & Equipment: Jim Collins (Chair), Templeton Peck, Norris Settlemyre
  • Membership: Rebeca Bergofsky (Chair), Peter Timmins,
  • Mini-Tournaments: Tim Rapuano (Chair), Carla Rueck, Ezra Roth
  • Social: Jeanne Branthover (Chair), Doug Moore, Peter Timmins
  • Special/Corporate Events: John Seidler (Chair), Mark Ski
  • Trophies: Chris Patmore (Chair), Peter Timmins, Tim Rapuano
  • Website:  Tim Rapuano (Chair), Keith Nichols (Webmaster), Will Fields, Scott Kennedy

Meet the Directors

  • Timothy Rapuano

    Timothy Rapuano discovered American 6 Wicket on Martha's Vineyard in 2003.  After one lesson with Jim Turner, he was immediately hooked.  The next year, he joined…

  • David Isaacs

    David Isaacs is a wealth advisor based in New York City. He discovered his love of croquet after it was strongly recommended to him by a…

  • Rich Curtis

    Rich is an attorney who lives in Rochester, New York. He took up croquet in 1986 and has been a proud long-time member of the New…

  • Peter Timmins

    Like many of our spectators, Peter looked over the fence and discovered his love of croquet at an introductory clinic. That was in 2007 and since…

  • Norris Settlemyre

    Norris Settlemyre joined the club in 1987 when Matt Burris was president.  In 1990, he joined the board, and took over lawn and court setting duties. …

  • Jeanne Branthover

    A tennis player and golfer now hooked on croquet and loving the game, the challenge and the friendships. Whether in Central Park, at invitationals or in…

  • Patricia Spratt

    Patricia Spratt spent many years as a fashion designer in New York, living close to the Central Park courts, never knowing about croquet and the passion…

  • Karen Kaplan

    Karen joined the NYCC in 1995 and the Board of Directors in 2001. She has chaired both the Social and Trophies Committee.

  • James Collins

    James Collins, director of the lawns committee, is one of the few lawn bowling players to cross the lawns to the other side.  While elusive, you…

  • Chris Patmore

    Dr Chris Patmore began playing croquet in the UK in 1987 and has lived in Manhattan since 2009. He holds a -2 international handicap, -2 USCA…

  • Mark Ski

    Mark Ski is a real estate agent at Compass. In his earlier career in the food industry and later in television production, Mark won 3 Emmys…