Club Rules


John C. Osborn

The NYCC facilities are located in Central Park. You are required to follow the rules and regulations of the New York Parks Department in addition to the rules, regulations and bylaws of the NYCC. Possession of alcoholic beverages and smoking in Central Park are not allowed.

Littering is against the NYC Laws. Whatever you bring out to the court (empty cups, soft drink cans or other refuse) must be removed before leaving. You may dispose of them in the trash containers outside the courts.

9067550995_dfffffca32_oUpon joining the club, you were given an access key to the Lawn Sports Center. Lost keys will be replaced for a small fee.

Occasionally the Parks Department will close the courts when conditions are deemed hazardous to players or the lawns. When you see red flags on the Courts nobody is permitted to be on the Courts.

You have unlimited personal access to the courts during the playing season. The gate to the fence around the court is to be kept locked when not in use. If you are the last person to leave the court, you are required to lock the gate.

Return all equipment to the green metal box on the court before leaving the Courts and lock the metal box. The deadness boards must be returned to the Lawn Sports Center before leaving.


The set-up of the Courts and their orientations is made monthly by the Lawns Committee. Do not make new wicket holes and follow the tags on the side of the gutters for setting the string (Click on the diagrams ). We rotate the wickets to keep the number of holes on each court to a minimum. If you do not know how to set up a court, ask a member of the Lawns Committee or a NYCC Board Member to show you.

The diagrams also show the boundary markers for full size and half size court set up.  Preference for the full size lawn is given on Wednesdays and Sundays after 2pm.

Members are required to wear white clothing whenever playing or practicing on the courts, except in wet weather.

Guests shall be admitted only when accompanied by the member who invited them. Guests may play on our courts two times (only) per season and must wear whites except during wet weather, introductory clinics or on Member-Guest Thursdays

3963448559_19759f956a_oMember-Guest Thursday sessions start at 4pm throughout the regular season, except during special events or tournaments.  Members may bring up to 3 guests per session.  While Guests are not required to wear whites during these sessions, they are encouraged to do so.