Learn To Play


FREE - MONDAY EVENINGS at 6PM June through August

Introductory clinics with a championship level instructor at the courts in Central Park.

These clinics are co-sponsored by the Empire State Croquet Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Interested participants (ages 14 and older) are invited to attend 2 of these clinics to get to know the sport ...or brush up on your skills if you have played before ...with no obligation to join.  Wear sneakers or other flat soled shoes to protect the greens.  Novices are not required to wear traditional white clothing.  Due to limited space, reservations are required - Email the instructors at [email protected] to sign up.  Please include the full names of all participants in your party. The current schedule and class availability is shown below. 

One on One Instruction
One on One Instruction

After registration, an instructor will confirm your entry and follow up (via email) for any class updates, including cancellations.  Classes may be canceled due to an expectation of temperature greater than 90F or precipitation greater than 40%.  Final confirmations will be emailed by 4pm on the day of class.

Try before you join

If you become interested in applying for membership you are encouraged to attend one or two of these clinics so we can get to know you and you can get to know us. Simply ask an instructor for a membership application or download it from the website.

If two visits leave you uncertain, we have a special Clinic Member category that will allow you to join us for an unlimited number of these Monday night training sessions, without obligation.  Participants in this program will also have access to member clinics, which rarely fill up and features more advanced instruction.  An application for clinic membership can be downloaded from our Member Forms section.  The cost to become a clinic member is $100, which will be deducted from your member dues if you decide to join as a Full Member later in the season.

9491466760_11a3db187c_o(1)Following your membership approval you will be given access keys and information so you can use the facilities and equipment at your pleasure any day of the week ...except for special closing times for maintenance.

Throughout the season we offer a wide variety of organized activities and competitions. But perhaps the most interesting aspect of membership is that you will have personal access to your own "backyard" in Central Park for leisurely fun, pick-up games with other members that drop by, practice and relaxed good times in one of the most extraordinary venues for croquet in America.

The modern sport of competitive croquet had its beginnings at the New York Croquet Club in Central Park and we remain one of the most acclaimed clubs in the nation with many top players. Competitive croquet is an emerging sport with 3,000 people playing nationwide, many more around the world, and our own American professional organization headquartered in West Palm Beach, FL - The United States Croquet Association.

We enjoy meeting new people...come give us a try!