While some may find the courts hidden or difficult to find, our club has had a fair share of media exposure over the years.  Here are just a few examples...

2021 article from The New York Times: Lawn Games to Enjoy

2016 6sqft article  Peter Timmins brings Croquet to Central Park

2014 Time Warner Cable News video Lawn Athletes Really Get Into The Swing of Things
2013 CBS News video Hoop Dreams: A Lesson in Croquet
2012 Village Voice article Best Old-School Sporting Club
2011 article and slideshow Martha Stewart: Croquet & Cocktails on our Rooftop
2008 New York Times article Crisp Whites, and the Crack of the Mallet
2008 New York Times slideshow Wickets on the Green
2005 New York Sun article Dust Off the Old Mallet and Head for Central Park
1985 New York Times article FOR EVERY SPORT, PLAYERS FIND A CLUB
1990 New York Times article Killer Croquet Games in Central Park