Patricia Spratt

Patricia Spratt spent many years as a fashion designer in New York, living close to the Central Park courts, never knowing about croquet and the passion it would become. She discovered the sport in 2010, at the Ocean House, in Watch Hill, Rhode Island, under the tutelage of Teddy Prentis. Living in Connecticut, she maintains an Ocean House Mallet Club membership, and membership at the New York Croquet Club. "Pat" says there is nothing like NYCC to hone your skills, and to be able to play with so many talented players.  New York is a mecca for croquet champions and, from her point of view, should be supported by as many enthusiasts as possible, from near and far. Busy with her business, Patricia Spratt for the Home, and affiliation with the arts, in fund raising, and as an artist, she is still, always ready to play a friendly, and yes, competitive game!

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