2018 TriState Golf Croquet Challenge

Somewhere between a district event and an NYCC mini tournament was the idea to do a one day GC tournament and invite everyone in the TriState (NY, NJ & CT) area to come play. On a beautiful, cloudless Sunday July 8th, 5 NYCC members battled it out with 2 Saint Johns College students and 2 SUNY New Paltz alumni. With an occluded block of 9, each participant enjoyed six (6) 40 minute block games, followed by a 3 tiered playoff ladder for the top 5 and 2 tiered plate ladder for the bottom 4. Winners were the first to score 7 points or those with the highest score when the clock ran out. With two reduced sized lawns and so many block games, the playoffs were only single elimination.SJC phenom Tom Balding came from the 4th seed in the playoff ladder, besting local NYCC favorites Ezra Roth and Scott Kennedy to go toe to toe with one of the founders of Croquet at New Paltz, Justin Berbig. Justin seemed to have the game in his hand with a score of 6-4, but Tom played smoothly and patiently waiting for those chances. When the score was tied up 6-6, the finalists were taking every shot at the tie-breaking hoop till one of them was finally successful. Much of their final match can be seen on this YouTube video, https://youtu.be/8uampdN8GCs with Tom, aka The Punisher, walking away victorious.On the other side of the lawn was the plate playoff which saw NYCC veteran Martine Fournage shoot it out with another SJC student, Jared Bassmann. Martine gave some trouble but Jared scored the winning hoop to claim the plate. Both Tom & Jared received 50th anniversary NYCC goodie bags for their efforts. Thank you and congratulations to all players and volunteers. A super big thanks goes to Ezra Roth for buying us lunch, and of course to all the NYCC, New Paltz and SJC spectators. Final Order or Finish

  1. Tom Balding
  2. Justin Berbig
  3. Scott Kennedy III
  4. Tim Rapuano
  5. Ezra Roth
  6. Jared Bassmann
  7. Martine Fournage
  8. Eric Turner
  9. Ron Rapuano

Tim Rapuano, TD